Weed Management Group

Leader of the group: Zita Dorner associate professor


Research areas of the Weed Management Group:
  • weed flora mapping of organic farms in different regions of the country,
  • changes in the weed flora of abandoned arable lands and set-aside,
  • efficacy evaluation of herbicides applied in arable and horticultural crops,
  • analysis of weed sampling methods,
  • germination tests,
  • possibilities and challenges of weed control in herbicide-tolerant crops.

There are several courses organized by the Weed Management Group, in both BSc and MSc degrees. Topics of the integrated weed control technologies for arable and horticultural crops as well as a detailed presentation of the most common weed species are covered. Our group coordinates the work of numerous students, assisting in the compilation of their thesis.
The group was member of the international network Endure, Weed Biology and Management and contributed to the 5th National Weed Survey (2007-2008)