The Department of Integrated Pest Management of the Plant Protection Institute dates back to the first quarter of the previous century (1924), when the Faculty of Economics of the Royal National University of Sciences founded the Department of Plant Pathology and later on, the Institute of Plant Pathology.

The ca. 25 researchers, teachers and PhD students of the Department work within the frames of plant protection in the traditional sense (that is plant pathology, entomology and weed management), use these disciplines within systems (such as integrated pest management, plant protection of integrated and organic farming systems), and deal with certain highlighted issues of research and development such as applied molecular techniques, developing methodology for organic pest control, environmental impact assessment of genetically modified plants.

The above listed fields of research and education are closely related to the impact of plant protection on environmental protection, biological diversity and food quality.

The Department of Integrated Pest Management provides lectures on various BSc and MSc courses, and leads the Plant Protection MSc and is incorporated in the PhD School of Plant Sciences.

Besides participating national R+D+I projects, the Institute takes part in international projects as well, acting as a Member of the Consortium or as a Coordinator in a number of FAO and EU projects including, but not limited to:

Quessa: Quantification of Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Agriculture. EU-7 Framework Project

Endure: European Network for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies. EU-6 Framework Project

DiabrAct: Harmonise the strategies for fighting Diabrotica virgifera virgifera. EU-6 Framework Project

Integrated Pest Management for Western Corn Rootworm (WCR) FAO GTFS/RER/017/ITA

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