The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania will offer the MSc Programme in "Sustainable Agriculture"

The postgraduate on Sustainable Agriculture is a two-year programme for graduates holding a university Bachelor degree in Agriculture or other related sciences leading to a Master of Science degree.
In the first year participants follow the programme to: i) be introduced to agroecology, environmental indicators of integrated crop management and organic farming systems; ii) familiarize themselves with the certification systems of environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural production; iii) present the latest advances in the management of soil, water and genetic resources in agriculture; iv) be exposed to a thorough background of crop protection; v) get acquainted with automation and modern recycled soilless greenhouse production methods; and vi) understand innovation and communication for sustainable farming.
The qualified first-year graduates are entitled to pursue their research in an environment fully equipped with the most updated facilities. In the second year, students develop a thesis based on research work. The scientific results of graduate studies are usually announced in International Conferences and/or published in world-renowned journals.
Please note that MAICh is an anglophone institute and as such all prospective candidates will be expected to have a good command of the English language.